2021-2022 Schedule

Monday September 13, 2021 - Saturday May 21, 2022
Recital will be held Saturday May 21, 2022 at Bensalem High School

Age Levels

Baby 18-24 months

Toddler 2-3 years

Pre-School 3.5-5 years

Beginner 5.5-7 years

Intermediate 8-10yrs

Junior 11+ yrs


5:00-6:00pm...Beginner Hip Hop
6:00-7:00pm...Intermediate Hip Hop
7:00-8:00pm...Junior Ballet/Lyrical
8:00-9:00pm...Junior Hip Hop (FULL)


5:00-6:00pm...Pre-School Ballet/Tap (FULL)
6:00-7:00pm...Pre-School Ballet/Tap (FULL)


5:00-5:30pm...Toddler My Shadow and Me (FULL)
5:30-6:15pm...Intermediate Ballet/Lyrical
6:15-7:00pm...Intermediate Jazz
7:00-8:00pm...Junior Jazz
8:00-9:00pm...Leaps, Turns & Technique


5:00-5:30pm...Beginner Tap
5:30-6:30pm...Musical Theatre (5-8yrs)
6:30-7:30pm...Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop


5:00-6:00pm...Beginner Ballet

6:00-7:00pm...Beginner Jazz


9:45-10:30am...Pre-School Ballet/Hip Hop (FULL)
10:30-11:00am...Pre-School Ballet/Hip Hop
11:00-11:30am...Toddler My Shadow & Me (FULL)
11:30-12:15pm...Pre-School Ballet/Jazz


Our budget friendly all inclusive membership is based on a yearly figure broken down into 9 monthly payments for your convenience. No surprise added costs at the holidays or end of the year.

30 Minute Class - $390.00/season or $44.00/Month

45-60 Minute Class - $525.00/season or $58.00/Month

Nine equal payments are made per year beginning August 1 and ending April 1. The dance season runs from September-June. Tuition is paid ONE MONTH AHEAD OF USAGE. For example, August 1st payment covers September. 

(Late Sign Ups will be prorated to include costume cost)

What is included?  

  • Tuition

  • Class curriculum 

  • Costume(s) 

  • End of year trophy